SSS offers an array of academic support for participants. SSS academic advisors are committed to providing quality services that extend to academic, financial, and personal questions.

Academic Advising

SSS academic advisors are knowledgeable of current UNM academic advising policies. We are committed to provide quality service and consistently work with UNM’s Office of Advising Strategies to receive continuous training and updates that directly affect you. Students in the SSS-TRIO program meet regularly with SSS advisors to plan out class schedules for each semester to make sure they are on track for graduation and address any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the semester. Our advisors also connect students with an SSS Peer Coach and other resources on campus as needed.

Financial Aid Guidance

SSS participants receive the added benefit of our academic advisors who are also knowledgeable about financial aid and will guide you through your financial aid questions. SSS-TRIO advisors help students understand their financial aid package and to assist in the renewal of the annual FAFSA application. Our advisors also help students keep track of their scholarships and ensure the students meet the requirements to maintain the scholarships.

Personal Guidance

Being a college student, especially as a first-generation student like most participants in the SSS-TRIO program, can be challenging and overwhelming. SSS advisors help alleviate the pressure by talking and listening to the students as well as introducing them to different resources on campus. Being involved in a program, club, or community could boost the student’s confidence and create a sense of belonging. SSS-TRIO also provides different workshops and cultural activities to equip our students with helpful skills/knowledge to help them better adapt to UNM. Confidentiality is key in all meetings with SSS academic advisors. All advising is kept in strict confidentiality so that participants are in a safe environment to address issues or concerns.

Career & Graduate/Professional School Guidance

SSS-TRIO advisors work with students to help them choose their major and connect them with resources, such as UNM Career Services, to help translate their degree into a career of their choosing. We also help students prepare and review their graduate and professional school applications as needed.


How do SSS-TRIO participants benefit from our advising?

  • Time and individualized attention are two of the biggest benefits you will find when working with SSS academic advisors. SSS will only accept 160 participants during an academic year. Participants meet with SSS advisors on a regular basis by appointment. In situations you feel are urgent, you may contact the office at the earliest available time.
  • Success is a goal for all participants. SSS academic advisors also serve as your very own academic coach to help you develop strategies for your academic career.